Video | Imperial Black “Sartorial Spring” Preview

“Sartorial travel.”  Two words that when combined create one way of living.  Being dressed well and travelling the world simultaneously.  We have to agree with our counterparts at Mr. Porter that men have the duty and responsibility of both in life.  Travelling the world and experiencing other cultures, other lands, other customs, and yes, other styles  is one of the best ways for a man to uncover and discover his sartorial heritage or begin a new sartorial journey.  Some men live by these principles. Some businesses operate by them.  Imperial Black embodies both.

Founded on the principles of  dressing and travelling well, Imperial Black offers men a piece of their personal experience with each product offering.  Over the next three weeks we will introduce you to Imperial Black, their philosophy of “sartorial travel”, their products, and their passion for culture through editorial and visual scenes.  Today we present, “Sartorial Spring”, a preview of things to come. The journey begins here.  Be prepared with Imperial Black.

Creative Director, Model, Stylist ~ Grant Harris, Image Granted

Director of Photography~ Rachel Couch, A Muse Photography

Corporate Partners ~ CadillacMSL Group

Clothing Partners ~ Imperial Black

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