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Last week we introduced you to our “Sartorial Spring” journey with Imperial Black.   Founded on the principles of  dressing and travelling well, Imperial Black offers men a piece of their personal experience with each product offering.  In an effort to continue the philosophy of “sartorial travel”, we present the first scene in our four-part series, “Sartorial Spring” ~ Estancia.  Learn more about the Estancias of South America below and stay tuned next week for scene two.

Estancias, commonly found in Uruguay, Argentina, and southern Chile are ranches in which the main residence, generally mansions built last century, have been converted to receive guests. They are laid out in large tracts of land where the cattle graze freely and the sown fields take advantage of the land’s exceptional conditions. In some cases, the ranch consists of a mansion, a small palace, or an English or French style mansion, luxuriously furnished, and the amenities of a first class hotel. Others maintain the attraction of the colonial style, with an austere and refined elegance.

Staying in an Estancia, one can enjoy an exquisite gastronomy based on the excellent meats and famous Argentinian wines. Think of the Estancia as the production centre where the meat that has achieved an excellent worldwide reputation comes from. Therefore an “asado de tira” (crosscut ribs), the “Achuras”, or an Argentinian style “Bife” will be made of the best you can find.

Imperial Black’s Estancia Flannel short draws its earthy browns and burnt oranges from the terrain of South America and celebrates the herding lifestyle of Argentinians, the mountain ranges of Chile, and the leisurely valleys of Uruguay.

Popular Estancias ~ 


Los Potreros

Imperial Black Estancia Shirt
Imperial Black Estancia Shirt
Imperial Black Estancia Shirt
Imperial Black Estancia Shirt

Creative Directior, Model, Stylist ~ Grant Harris, Image Granted

Director of Photography~ Rachel Couch, A Muse Photography

Clothing Partner ~ Imperial Black

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