The Million Dollar Man Series – Part II

In Part I of our Million Dollar Man Series we discussed the image, style, and fashion choices of the affluent American man — more specifically his footwear choices.  Today we continue our probing of the buying decisions of the millionaire man by analyzing his suiting preferences.  Which brand name do wealthy men gravitate to and why?  Do they wear custom suits or are they shopping in JCPenny?  Let’s find out.
According to research conducting by Thomas Stanley, Ph. D. in Stop Acting Rich and Start Living like a Real Millionairemillionaire men prefer the following suiting options in descending order:

1. Hart Schaffner & Marx (11.5%)  Considered by most millionaires as the best value for the price.  The number one choice for senior corporate executives and those who earn seven-figure incomes.  Also the suiting choice of President Barack Obama.

2. Brooks Brothers (10.7%) A millionaire staple.  Worn by Abraham Lincoln and known for high-quality coupled with excellent customer service.  The number one choice for multi-millionaires, attorneys and business owners.

3. Jos. A Banks (6.1%)  The go-to choice for corporate middle managers and directors seeking a traditional fit.

4. Hickey Freeman (5.3%) Top quality design along with top dollar paid by senior executives of public corporations.

5. Men’s Wearhouse Private Label & Nordstrom’s Private Label – Tie (3.7%)

Stay tuned for the third and final piece of the series to find out where millionaire men shop.

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  • Candice Connors

    It amazes me to see not only Men's Wearhouse, but also Jos A. Banks on this list. While both places work well for men shopping on a budget, or the "occasional" suit wearer, neither place offers quality suitings that will stand up over a small amount of time. It seems like to me, that's a direct reflection on the fact that most men cannot (or would rather not) tell the difference of quality vs inexpensive garments… Just another reason they need you to assist I suppose!

  • Image Granted


    I'd have to agree with your assessment. I think the point of this research was to really examine why the affluent man would opt for lesser quality clothing when he can readily afford better. Maybe because he prefers to put his money into his business rather than his wardrobe? No one knows for sure, but this is why businessmen and women like you and I exist–to show men that the quality of their wardrobe can match the quality of their business and/or lifestyle. Thanks for your comment!