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"With all the other menswear sites out there , I've found Image Granted to be the most informative. Keep up the great work."                  

"I have the site set up on my bookmarks and check it everyday for the latest in fashion updates and events."


"Have enjoyed working with IG and I hope to continue the relationship."


"Overall I find IG helpful, knowledgeable and enjoyable to read and interact with."


"As my blog grows, I'm getting more interest from advertisers, but it's hard to figure out exactly what kind of ad services to offer and how to price them. Grant gave me a framework to think about what exactly I have to offer potential advertisers, beyond just monthly traffic, CPM, etc. He encouraged me to think about long-term relationships and, thanks to his advice, I ended up securing my biggest ad contract to date with a small clothing manufacturer."

"Great, reliable content in a professional atmosphere. Highly informational, I learn something new every time I read it. Great job, keep it up!"


"IG is a nice site with a bit of a local DC feel which is why I recommend it to those who ask about my fashion taste."

"Grant is my go-to guy for styleTV for anything men's fashion related in the DC area."


"Extremely talented young man with a very bright future!"