Video | Ningbo International Fashion Fair

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China.  Emperors. Communism.  Luxury.  Fashion.  Emperors may not rule China any more, but we had the chance to witness the focus on fashion at the 17th Ningbo International Fashion Fair in October.  We spent the week working hand in hand with an international delegation from China, UK, India, Amsterdam, Lithuania, Australia and Hong Kong.  The fair focused on the intersection of the UK and Chinese garment production and manufacturing at the bespoke level.  Building relationships with the Chinese takes time and patience, but the reward is well worth the wait.

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Video | Baume & Mercier ~ “Celebrate Giving”

Luxury Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier recently released a 2013 Christmas and holiday marketing video entitled “Celebrate Giving”.   We are fans of Baume & Mercier and their level of sophistication, and craftsmanship and hospitality.  The video, the first of its kind for the brand, displays the story of family and children coming together for the holidays, sharing old memories and creating new ones.  the gift giving culminates in the sharing of a his and her Baume & Mercier watches given from parent to child.  We must admit, this type of holiday may be a bit too unfamiliar for some to grasp, while others may recognize this as a comforting scene.

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Video | ‘Jenny’s Streets Of London’

Our friends Ken and Tony of  Benson & Clegg were recently caught on film for a cutting room floor tour by ‘Jenny’s Streets of London’, a Travel Channel UK spot featuring Jenny Powell as she visits some of London’s greatest hidden treasures.  It’s good to see Tony and Ken getting recognition for their work.  You can see the work we’ve done together on a special Norfolk jacket collaboration below in fabric supplied by Hunter’s Tweed.  Benson & Clegg will be visiting DC June 27-29, 2013. Contact for appointment.

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Introducing | Black Man Style

Today we introduce the launch of our online training platform Black Man Style.  This has been a project we’ve worked on for 2 years with Mr. Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style.

Black Man Style is the internet’s finest resource and support community focusing on the sole purpose of helping black men improve their presentation and deal with the unique challenges they face with their personal image and style.   Registration details are below.  We look forward to seeing you in the course.


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Menswear Dialogue Series | Texworld USA

This week our Menswear Dialogue Series takes us to the largest textile tradeshow in North America.  You’ve probably heard of the apparel shows where boutiques and department stores buy the lovely things in the window you can’t afford, but you may not have heard of the tradeshow that provides the fabric that created that Summer weight double-breasted blazer you’ve been coveting.  Today, we speak to one of the leaders in the textile market for her insight and recommendations on how to play the fabric game.

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