Vero Linens | Luxury Bedding Part III

This is guest post brought to you by Vero Linens.  This is the third in a series of posts introducing the benefits of luxury bedding for men of style.

Steve walks us through the making of the perfect bed.  Many men may not be used to making their own bed.  Maybe you have a girlfriend or wife who does it for you.  Or, you may be single.  If you plan to stay that way ignore this article. However, if you have any intentions on taking your lady friend into your bedroom you should pay close attention…she will.

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Vero Linens | Luxury Bedding Part II

This is a guest post brought to you by Vero Linens.  This is the second in a series of posts introducing the benefits of luxury bedding for men of style.

Ask anyone, after a long day’s work, many will agree there are not too many things better than jumping into a clean fresh bed with ironed sheets.  Moreover, there is nothing like the feel of 100% cotton next to your skin, which is why it is the most popular fabric used in bed linens. Unfortunately, 100% cotton bed linens can wrinkle, and by the middle of the week, your bed may begin to look a little disheveled.

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Introducing | Vero Linens ~ Luxury Bedding

This is a guest post brought to you by Vero Linens.  This is the first in a series of posts introducing the benefits of luxury bedding for men of style.

Are you making the right impression in the bedroom?

You have a closet full of Italian made suits, shirts & shoes, the latest in electronic gadgets, and possibly a European sports car. You can order fine wine from a wine list, appreciate great scotch and fine cigars. Your tastes are refined and you can impression someone.

However, does your bed look like this?

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Menswear Dialogue Series | Bresciani Socks


Image Granted - What is your title/occupation/trade? Massimilano Bresciani – Vice President of Bresciani – Sales Director IG - Why are some men so concerned with small details of their wardrobe or “the extra 10%” i.e. socks, while others float through life without a care? Is this an epidemic on one side or are we sock lovers just crazy? MB - Fashion is all about details and small accessories can give a touch of class to a “normal” suit. Little details tell a lot about the personality of the man. Don’t forget socks also have a specific utility to keep feet comfortable and is the first step to taking care of personal health. New accessories on an old outfit can bring new life at a small cost as well. IG - Of all of the trades you and your family could have entered, why did you choose socks? Suits and ties and shirts are dominant for men, so why choose such an overlooked garment to build your business on?

MB - Our area is clustered with sock makers. My father started working in socks business when he was 14 years old after my grandfather died due to war injuries only few months after he came back home after from being a prisoner of war in Germany. My father was the first son and at that time he found himself without a father and with 2 younger brothers. He entered the sock industry as machine worker and he then become chief of the production department. Then he started his own business in 1970. You can now understand why we have socks “in the blood”. I started working in the factory when I was 19 and my brother did the same. My son is already working here (he is 20 now). It is just something that is “natural” for us.
IG - Is there any innovation left in the sock industry? It seems like there are 4 or 5 top players whom any sock aficionado will be familiar with, but past that is there any hosiery company on the rise that men should know about?
MB - The last 5 years were very difficult for the hosiery industry in Europe and the USA. A lot of companies closed and a lot went commercial, buying in Far East and re-selling on domestic market. I can mention the best ones surviving in Italy: everybody knows about Gallo, but there are still traditional companies like Sozzi in Milan and Palatino in Rome, who produce high quality socks. 90% of the others are just converters, without factories or just too small to have their own brand and are working as producers for the bigger ones.
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