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We just returned from the Compass show in NYC featuring the new and progressive as well as the tried and true staples of men’s footwear.  Since we all know that the true test of a well dressed man lies in the quality of his footwear, we proudly bring you some of the highlights of the show.  Here are our favorites.  Take a look and try not to drool too much.

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First Look | Hugh & Crye

We recently attended the exclusive launch party for new Georgetown shirt maker Hugh & Crye.  We came aross Hugh & Crye’s offerings through our research and decided to reach out to the Owner Mr. Pranav Vora personally.  Pranav was gracious enough to extend a personal invite for us to cover the parry and of course present our readers with the latest and greatest in DC menswear.
The name Hugh & Crye is a play on the term “hue and cry”. In medieval England, civilians who were witness to a crime were bound by common law to exercise hue and cry, a clamor of protest, to apprehend the criminal and bring him to justice. The term can also be understood as ‘seeing something wrong in the world, and doing something about it’.  This clamor of protest happens to be against men wearing shirts that are too big, too sloppy, too outdated, and just plain don’t fit right.
The brand is built on a sizing system not seen commonly in menswear.  Instead of the usual neck and sleeve sizing (My measurements are 15.5 neck, 32/33 sleeve) Hugh & Crye employs an eccentric sizing system based on short, average, tall profiles for height and a lean or broad sizing for body shape.  This system effectively creates six different sizing patterns most men fall into.  Of course if you’re anything like me you may fall into the in between or “tweener” category, which is actually a god thing because it allows you to wear several different sizes across the board.
The shirts come in cotton weaves from the standard 100′s to the more luxurious 140′s.  They are fitted, but not tight. A high and trim arm hole create a slimming silhouette while tall button collars will stand up against the DC heat.  Tight stitching, standard side gussets and quality fabric create a lovely product.  Although these shirts are a common theme among the slim and trim trend that has been going strong this decade, these shirts may not be the best for the portly gentlemen.  Although I fall into the lean category, from the looks of it the broad category does not seem to be able to accommodate a man over 200 pounds with more weight in his shoulders and/or mid section than most. On the other hand this may not be the target market for Hugh & Crye.  DC is one of the fittest cities in the country and slim is certainly in when it comes to men’s clothing.
The Hugh & Crye team is small but growing consisting of a close knit group of friends and business associates.  Pranav himself is a gracious host and modern man just looking to improve the lives of men one shirt at a time.  We’ll be working with Pranav and his team in the future to help bring Hugh & Crye into your closet and eradicate unsightly shirts which neither flatter nor enhance the male form.

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Wants & Desires

Our most recent addition to the wish list is J. Crew’s fatigue jacket.  Inspired by vintage military garments  this jacket is the be-all, end-all of casual cool. It’s cut on the reverse side for a rugged, worn-in appeal and then washed heavily. Versatile, comfortable and easy, this piece will last longer than you. Piece-dyed cotton slub twill. Removable hood. Button-tab at collar. Hidden zip closure. Shoulder epaulets. Underarm eyelet vents. Reinforced elbow patches. Flap patch pockets, interior patch pocket. Adjustable tabs at cuffs. Interior drawstring at waist. Partially lined. Wear it with jeans, canvas sneakers, and t-shirt in summer.  Layer it over a cardigan, sweater, or your favorite sweatshirt in the Fall, lace up some worn in boots and you’ll be ready for anything.

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NuSkin For Men

Today’s man is one who not only cares for and maintains his wardrobe, but also his skin.  Yes, your skin may be tight, smooth, clear, and bright while you’re young; but time catches up to even the best of us and a proper skin care regimen NOW will keep you from being a wrinkled old man later.

With so many skin care products on the market it can be difficult for a man to tell which is the best for his skin, his lifestyle, and his wallet.  In steps Nu Skin® For Men—a multifunctional line of products designed to improve the look and feel of your skin without adding a single step.  Over time gravity, free radical damage, smoking, drinking, and the everyday wear and tear on the body can cause the skin to lose elasticity.  Nu Skin has created Tegreen 97,® a green tea based  leaf extract which acts as potent natural antioxidant.

The Nu Skin men’s package includes shave cream, after shave balm and deodorant.  The line of products targets men ages 20–40 who want to feel better about their image without adding time or hassle to their morning routine.  The ingredients are mostly natural but the deodorant does contain aluminum which if you’re not careful can turn the underarms of your white tee’s yellow.  Keep a bottle of Deo-Go handy and you should be OK.  We’ll be trying a sample soon and will report our findings.

Nu Skin For Men Skin Care Package

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The Write Stuff

One of our loyal readers recently asked us about writing pens.  He expressed his disgust with men who may dress well but then walk around with Bic pens in their pockets.  Now this may be a small detail but as we’ve said before details make the man.

There will always be an occasion for a man to have a great pen.  A hand written note is something every man should have in his repertoire and a great pen just enhances the effect.  Funerals, birthdays, weddings, all the important stuff involving gratitude and regret.  Nothing gives those words more power and meaning than conferring them with a beautiful pen, more specifically a fountain pen and not the gel pen you shove in your chest pocket.  Even your chicken scratch will look better with a fountain pen.  The reader will notice your words are more sturdy and took more time and thought to create than anything you can do with a ballpoint.

Try a Montblanc and set yourself apart from the other guy who dashes off an email on his BlackBerry. (Or worse yet, writing a letter online) These pens are synonymous with style and class.  They will set you back a few pounds in the wallet, but like anything made of timeless quality and class its worth the price.  After all, your accessories require just as much attention as your closet.  Carry a good pen.

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