The (New & Improved) Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes

We’ve had the pleasure of personally working with men’s clothing guru Andy Gilchrist of AskAndy to bring you an exclusive look at the updated & revised version of the Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes–AKA the menswear bible.  This is the only reference guide you’ll need to find out the what, when, why, where, how, and who of men’s clothing.  Andy and his team (some guy you may know from RibbedTee) have been working tirelessly over the last few months to make the encyclopedia easier to read and use.

This new PDF format will give men the chance to have a copy on hand in their office, in the car, or in the personal library at home.  Read  it like a novel, use it as a spot reference, look up something you saw in a store or online.  However you use it…just use it!  It is an invaluable source of knowledge that every man can learn from to automatically boost his style quotient.  Buy the encyclopedia HERE and enjoy.

Andy Gilchrist

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Fists To Cuffs

There is an old saying “the devil is in the details” when it comes to men’s clothing.  This means accessories are all that much more important to compliment a man’s style.  They should be of the highest quality while being minimally noticed.   Some of the most common accessories men gravitate to are cuff links.  We’ve come across a gold mine of handmade cuff links available in the Eastern Market/Capitol Hill region of DC.  Mr. Jimmy Mann owner of Mann Made Designs has run his handmade jewelry stand there for 18 years and counting.  Stop by and check out the hundreds of offerings he has for you to wear on wrist those days you feel like sporting French cuffs.  Our favorites are the sterling silver black with black bubbles.  Tell Jimmy we sent you!

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New Kid on The Block: Part II

Recently we introduced the new menswear line of NYC designer Ovadia & Sons.  We got a chance to meet Mr. Ovadia himself in his NYC high rise apartment to take a closer look at his offerings.  Shimon Ovadia is a gentleman in all rights.  His apartment is decked out in natural manliness from the antelope’s head mounted on the wall to his cigar stash and Whiskey on his coffee table. But the real attraction was his new clothing line which was meticulously laid out for my viewing pleasure.

The Spring/Summer 2011 line features casual short sleeve button downs, cuffed shorts, linen trousers with side tabs instead of belt loops, form fitting heavy linen sport coats, herringbone cotton blend suits, and beautifully crafted contrast collar gingham dress shirts in bright colors.  The ties come in classic Grenadines and crunchy silk knits.  I was especially fond of a lightweight Anorak with a gun flap, removable hood and all the pockets a man can handle, but in a lightweight and waterproof weave of fabric form the Thomas Mason mill in England.

Shimon is planning a full line of sweaters for the Fall and I was able to get an exclusive look at some of the patterns and fabrics he has in mind.  Fabrics like lamb’s wool and merino won’t be included.  Mr. Ovadia says “you an walk into any Banana Republic and see those fabrics…we want to do something on a higher level”.  By a higher level he means two ply cashmere knits in a paper thin fine gauge in bird’s eye, glen plaid, and herringbone. Amazing stuff and I can’t wait to see it.

The line just shot a look book a few weekends ago and the photos are still being edited.  I was able to get a sneak peek of a few and believe me when I saw you won’t be disappointed.  We will be posting a few shots as soon as they are processed. We are glad to help Shimon and his brother achieve success with their company and to open up the DC market to custom made apparel from an NYC native.  We will be attending a trunk show in the near future and will report on new offerings from the line.  In the meantime, enjoy the lovely merchandise.

Shimon Ovadia; Co-Founder of Ovadia & Sons

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Follow Thy Compass

We just returned from the Compass show in NYC featuring the new and progressive as well as the tried and true staples of men’s footwear.  Since we all know that the true test of a well dressed man lies in the quality of his footwear, we proudly bring you some of the highlights of the show.  Here are our favorites.  Take a look and try not to drool too much.

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First Look | Hugh & Crye

We recently attended the exclusive launch party for new Georgetown shirt maker Hugh & Crye.  We came aross Hugh & Crye’s offerings through our research and decided to reach out to the Owner Mr. Pranav Vora personally.  Pranav was gracious enough to extend a personal invite for us to cover the parry and of course present our readers with the latest and greatest in DC menswear.
The name Hugh & Crye is a play on the term “hue and cry”. In medieval England, civilians who were witness to a crime were bound by common law to exercise hue and cry, a clamor of protest, to apprehend the criminal and bring him to justice. The term can also be understood as ‘seeing something wrong in the world, and doing something about it’.  This clamor of protest happens to be against men wearing shirts that are too big, too sloppy, too outdated, and just plain don’t fit right.
The brand is built on a sizing system not seen commonly in menswear.  Instead of the usual neck and sleeve sizing (My measurements are 15.5 neck, 32/33 sleeve) Hugh & Crye employs an eccentric sizing system based on short, average, tall profiles for height and a lean or broad sizing for body shape.  This system effectively creates six different sizing patterns most men fall into.  Of course if you’re anything like me you may fall into the in between or “tweener” category, which is actually a god thing because it allows you to wear several different sizes across the board.
The shirts come in cotton weaves from the standard 100’s to the more luxurious 140’s.  They are fitted, but not tight. A high and trim arm hole create a slimming silhouette while tall button collars will stand up against the DC heat.  Tight stitching, standard side gussets and quality fabric create a lovely product.  Although these shirts are a common theme among the slim and trim trend that has been going strong this decade, these shirts may not be the best for the portly gentlemen.  Although I fall into the lean category, from the looks of it the broad category does not seem to be able to accommodate a man over 200 pounds with more weight in his shoulders and/or mid section than most. On the other hand this may not be the target market for Hugh & Crye.  DC is one of the fittest cities in the country and slim is certainly in when it comes to men’s clothing.
The Hugh & Crye team is small but growing consisting of a close knit group of friends and business associates.  Pranav himself is a gracious host and modern man just looking to improve the lives of men one shirt at a time.  We’ll be working with Pranav and his team in the future to help bring Hugh & Crye into your closet and eradicate unsightly shirts which neither flatter nor enhance the male form.

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