NuSkin For Men

Today’s man is one who not only cares for and maintains his wardrobe, but also his skin.  Yes, your skin may be tight, smooth, clear, and bright while you’re young; but time catches up to even the best of us and a proper skin care regimen NOW will keep you from being a wrinkled old man later.

With so many skin care products on the market it can be difficult for a man to tell which is the best for his skin, his lifestyle, and his wallet.  In steps Nu Skin® For Men—a multifunctional line of products designed to improve the look and feel of your skin without adding a single step.  Over time gravity, free radical damage, smoking, drinking, and the everyday wear and tear on the body can cause the skin to lose elasticity.  Nu Skin has created Tegreen 97,® a green tea based  leaf extract which acts as potent natural antioxidant.

The Nu Skin men’s package includes shave cream, after shave balm and deodorant.  The line of products targets men ages 20–40 who want to feel better about their image without adding time or hassle to their morning routine.  The ingredients are mostly natural but the deodorant does contain aluminum which if you’re not careful can turn the underarms of your white tee’s yellow.  Keep a bottle of Deo-Go handy and you should be OK.  We’ll be trying a sample soon and will report our findings.

Nu Skin For Men Skin Care Package

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The Write Stuff

One of our loyal readers recently asked us about writing pens.  He expressed his disgust with men who may dress well but then walk around with Bic pens in their pockets.  Now this may be a small detail but as we’ve said before details make the man.

There will always be an occasion for a man to have a great pen.  A hand written note is something every man should have in his repertoire and a great pen just enhances the effect.  Funerals, birthdays, weddings, all the important stuff involving gratitude and regret.  Nothing gives those words more power and meaning than conferring them with a beautiful pen, more specifically a fountain pen and not the gel pen you shove in your chest pocket.  Even your chicken scratch will look better with a fountain pen.  The reader will notice your words are more sturdy and took more time and thought to create than anything you can do with a ballpoint.

Try a Montblanc and set yourself apart from the other guy who dashes off an email on his BlackBerry. (Or worse yet, writing a letter online) These pens are synonymous with style and class.  They will set you back a few pounds in the wallet, but like anything made of timeless quality and class its worth the price.  After all, your accessories require just as much attention as your closet.  Carry a good pen.

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Brand Review | Rue 14

In an effort to expose our readers to the wealth of shopping opportunities that exist in the metropolis that is the Washington, DC area we hit the streets to meet some of the owners and proprietors of the boutiques offering quality clothing and accessories for men.  We realize that providing information about what to wear and how to wear it is essential. But without knowing where to find clothing the modern man’s wardrobe won’t be complete.

In steps Rue 14; an urban men’s and women’s clothing boutique located in the U Street corridor of DC.  This bright 1,100 square foot boutique is the brainchild of Co-Owner Jiwon Paik-Nguyen.  We had the chance to meet Jiwon personally and talk about her personal background and fashion history while taking a tour of her shop.  Jiwon is a home grown product of Bethesda, Maryland and holds a Fashion Merchandising degree. She held stints at Ralph Lauren in NYC and has visited several of the worlds renowned fabric mills in Italy.  The shop is run by Jiwon and her husband and has been going strong over the last year and a half.  Most of the summer wares are currently on sale in preparation for the Fall transition.

Carrying brands such as Penguin and Gant the men’s offerings are bolstered by lightweight button downs, solid dark wash jeans, and chunky shawl collar sweaters with kangaroo pockets (we’ve seen these pockets on lots of sweaters at J.Crew and other stores, and think it will be a trend for Fall). One may wonder why the store was given a French name (Rue means road in French) seeing as how the owner has an Asian heritage.  Jiwon says that she wanted something different for the store, something that was simple to pronounce and remember and that connects the store to the community (the store is located on 14th st).

Overall we think the store has great potential to reach a small niche market in and around the U street vicinity.  While some of the brands offered are reputable there are a few obscure brands that may not be recognizable by the casual shopper.  The location of the store could be better.  While 14th st is only a block from the U Street metro, the store itself can be easy to overlooked as I passed it once without knowing it.  Flanked by an alternative party & gift shop among other high end furniture and clothing shops it may not be the first place the average guy would look to shop. However, once its found and you climb the stairs and enter into the inviting shopping space a guy can find a good piece or two to add to his closet.  Stop by Rue 14 and tell Jiwon we sent you.  Look out for more brand reviews in the near future bringing the DC shopping scene to you.

Rue 14
1803A 14th St, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009
phone: 202.462.6200
fax: 202.462.6201

store hours:
Tuesday – Friday 12pm-7pm
Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm
Monday Closed

Image Granted & Owner of Rue 14

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New Kid On the Block

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to the Co-Owner of Ovadia & Sons; a new menswear line headquartered in NYC.  Shimon Ovadia is a young and dynamic designer who comes from a fashion family originally steeped in children’s wear.  Since taking over the family business he and his twin brother have taken the plunge into menswear.  Shimon took the time to speak with me and explain his house style.  The Spring/Summer 2011 line will showcase double-breasted suits in sumptuous fabrics, classic lines, and wide peaked lapels.  The line will be bolstered by gingham, contrast spread collar dress shirts, house slippers, and old world grenadine ties from Drakes of London. Shimon plans to sell his wares to department stores and boutiques who recognize and appreciate quality over quantity.

A look book is being shot over the weekend and we should be able to give readers a peek into the future very soon.  The website is currently being updated and will be available in the coming weeks.  We will be meeting Shimon in his NYC shop personally within a few weeks and hope to be able to get a closer look at his offerings   We are excited to make this connection and bring a bit of the big (well, bigger) city fashion to DC.  Stay tuned for future updates.

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Trending Business Styles

Menswear is something that hasn’t changed much over the years.  Unlike women’s fashions which can change daily, menswear and especially business wear fro men offers much less of a regular transformation.  On the other hand one would be a fool to think that menswear has not seen several trends over the years and those trends certainly include business attire.  A man wearing a suit to the office hasn’t changed over hundreds of years and probably never will.  But how he wears that suit and the accessories he pairs with it certainly has changed over the last several decades and will again in the future.  Take a look at our latest writing about men, business, and the stylish trends that  have connected them over the years HERE.

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