By now you've probably read every Spring preview, lookbook, and style guide for what to wear and how to wear it.  We highly suggest you take heed the majority of this advice.  The only problem with most of these guides is that they seem to promote the urgency to go out and buy several pieces in order to prepare for the warmer months.  While European men have gotten back to shopping regularly, many American men still don't have the means to purchase a new Spring wardrobe.  This is where your winter clothes can help you ease into the next few months without creating a new wardrobe.  Transitional pieces--those items that can be worn over different seasons--can be worn well into Spring with the right combination of certain elements.  Here a few suggestions:1. Cardigan - Yes, its a sweater and you may think they're built for winter, but your winter cardigan can easily be worn into Spring.  Subtract layers and lighten up the fabrics and colors.  Instead of a flannel shirt go for a lightweight madras or something fun and bright.  Roll up the sleeves, add a pair a shorts instead of your flannel lined jeans and you'll be cool and confident.2. Leather Jacket - There are a wide range of jackets from heavy to light.  Without running out to buy the newest and lightest jacket on the market you can still wear your winter jacket.  Instead of a turtleneck pair it with a solid, short-sleeved, V-neck T-shirt.  Ditch the cords and add a cotton-linen pant or white denim to brighten up the look for Spring.

3.  Boots - You think your clunkers are only for Winter.  While some may be too hot and heavy for warm weather they can also get you through the early months of Spring.  Instead of lacing up to your shins go unlaced and slip on low cut ankle socks instead of those thick wool campers you've been wearing all winter.  Be sure to wear your slim and sleek versions versus the shit--and snow--kickers.

It's totally possible and proper to use winter pieces of your wardrobe to transition into Spring.  The key is too use lighter fabrics, brighter colors, loosen up instead of button up, and use what you've got until it's time to make an investment purchase.

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