We recently attended the book signing and launch event for Alan Flusser's updated and revised manuscript "Style & The Man" and his new custom menswear iPhone application BeSpeak.  We were honored and humbled to receive an invitation to this inaugural gathering of the sartorially inclined and fashion conscious.  Mr. Flusser a leading mind in menswear has a beautiful (photos below) and unassuming shop off the vaunted shopping oasis of 5th avenue in NYC.  I was able to meet with and speak to several of the top bloggers and fashion minds in the industry such as our good friend and fellow DC blogger Mr. Chris Hogan, Editor of Off the Cuff, the gents at Street Etiquette, and of course Mr. Flusser himself.
BeSpeak is Mr Flusser's latest creation and it provides guidance for men's business formal outfits (suit, dress shirt, tie, and pocket square). The app provides personal recommendations and fashion evaluations based on your unique physical characteristics such as skin tone, body height & weight, eye & hair color, etc. It's like having the ultimate personal stylist at your fingertips.  The Flusser team plans to add casual wear to the menu of options in the future to enhance the custom experience.
Not being part of the iPhone crowd I'm not able to take part in the experience of BeSpeak but I was able to try it out at the event.  The system creates a personal profile for each man based on the data input.  It then recommends a color palette suitable for the man based on the aforementioned characteristics.  These are only recommendations and suggestions of what a man should wear and not how he should wear it.  The art of dressing properly is a skill that can be learned over time with patience, practice and guidance.  The BeSpeak tool acts as a knowledge guide for men who may be overwhelmed by the many choices they are presented with when out shopping.  However, it won't give you the personal flair that each man should posses.  This can only be cultivated over time, but Mr. Flusser is certainly speeding up the process.
Chris Hogan , Editor at Off The Cuff

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