Our friends at In The Capital, asked us for our advice on what to wear for the forthcoming 57th presidential inauguration of our 44th president Mr. Barack Obama.  Here's our two cents.  If you happen to be in DC for the festivities, feel free to dress appropriately.

"With a weekend packed full of Inauguration Balls just around the corner, people across the city are frantically shopping and putting together killer Black-Tie-appropriate outfits that will wow heads of state and induce jealousy from D.C.’s “rich cougars” crowd. Unfortunately for most people attending these opulent events, most average joe’s haven’t worn a gown or tuxedo since the last wedding they attended…or since prom.

Taking their understandable confusion into account, we’ve sat down with two of D.C.’s hottest stylists/fashion gurus and have put together some valuable tips and suggestions regarding gowns, tuxedos, and all of the glitzy accessories that go with them.

For men, I spoke with Grant Harris, founder of Image Granted (a D.C. based image consulting company) and critically-acclaimed men’s fashion blogger. Grant has been featured in numerous publications such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, CNN, Men’s Health, and is continuously regarded as a prolific thought leader in men’s fashion/men’s lifestyle.

He is also probably definitely the best dressed guy I know, so of course he was the first person I thought of when it came to fashion tips regarding men’s Black-Tie evening wear.

Grant offered the following pieces of advice" -

1. Black tie means a tuxedo, not a black suit.

2. Black tie means a bow tie, not a neck tie.

3. No pre-tied bows if you can help it.

4. No belts. A proper tuxedo should be worn without them.

5. Cover your waist with a cummerbund or vest.

6. No notch lapels.

7. You should wear only patent leather or plain leather shoes in black.

8. Socks should be black.

9. Socks should cover your calves.

10. Wear a proper tuxedo shirt with removable buttons for studs.

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