Twitter Q&A;: I recently purchased some leather lotion from Men's Wearhouse. I was trying to understand when I should apply the lotion in conjunction with shoe wax. Should lotion be applied between waxing (a few days after or before)? Immediately before or after waxing?It sounds like you regularly shop at Men's Wearhouse.  Although they are taking steps to upgrade their selection, this isn't the first purveyor of fine mens clothing we'd suggest.  We won't hold this against you since you're a new follower.  Keep up with us and you'll never take another step inside the wearhouse.  We're discouraged at the fact that you're buying your shoe car products from this one-stop-shop instead of a cobbler or trusted E-tailer.  The lotions and waxes you've purchased are very likely not of the highest quality.Aside from all the negative it's good that your concerned with protecting your leather.  There are indeed lotions, creams, soaps, and waxes to care for your leather.  Some men prefer certain methods others, but in general lotions are for conditioning and priming while waxes are for protection and longevity.  Lotions are normally water, cream or oil based all of which condition leather in the short term.  Waxes are made from well, wax which protects leather fro the long term.  For most men polishing their shoes with Kiwi gets the job done, but for a new pair of shoes conditioning is needed before the wax armour is applied.  Without knowing the type of lotion you're using I strongly recommend you follow the directions for application.  Using these products incorrectly can cause irreversible damage to your investment.  In general use a terry cotton cloth and apply the lotion in a circular motion until it has set in.  Apply the wax in the same manner and allow it dry to a haze, then continue to rub in until a distinctive shine sets in.  At this point you should have a healthy shine.  If not, reapply a second coat.

There are several shoe shine videos, editorials, and how to's all over the style net.  Get familiar, practice often, and enjoy.

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