Since you've been following Image Granted you've learned how to upgrade your style in several aspects.  Great!  But a man of style knows his appearance can always be improved upon.  So, we thought we'd give you some outside the box alternatives to the standards you've become accustomed to.  Don't worry none of our recommendations will change who or what you are--they will only add an element of surprise.  Try a few and let us know what you think. 1. Wear contrast color shoelaces in your oxfords instead of the traditional black on black or brown on brown. 2. Wear Egyptian or Sea Island cotton instead of the standard fabric.  Both are lighter, softer, and breathe better. 3. Wear cotton, wool, linen, and cashmere ties instead of the generic silk version.

4. Wear colored chinos in gray, blue, green, or red instead of the old fashion khaki. 5. Wear eau de toilette fragrances instead of regular cologne. You'll wear less and it'll last longer and stronger.

6. Wear refurbished shoes instead of buying a new pair. 7. Wear an alcohol free deodorant instead of an anti-perspirant.  Anti-perspirants have a high aluminum content and may include alcohols which irritate skin and turn undershirts yellow.  Try Mitchum Man. 8. Wear straight leg jeans instead of the relaxed or baggy fit you've been wearing and trim your frame by ten pounds. 9. Wear a collar pin instead of a tie bar.  Tie bars can harm the tie and the collar pin is an old-school look every man should add to his repertoire. 10. Wear square framed sunglasses instead of the tear drop Ray Ban aviators every other guy wears.

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