So finally someone decided to stop taking pictures of all the double breasted men in the world and actually film them on video. Don't take this the wrong way. It's great to see streetwear shots from Pitti and the fashion shows but we were wondering if these guys ever talk, or sing, or laugh, or if they just pose with cigarettes for the camera all day.

Unfortunately, we aren't in the position physically or financially to get this type of footage on camera (one day we will be) but fortunately we're on top of our game just in time to bring you the first clips from The Sartorialist. He will be highlighting some of the best dressed, most stylish, and fashion forward men you've all seen in the photos but never seen in motion. While we aren't fans of how the Sartorialist has handle his business and personal affairs in the past, we give him a round of applause on this project. Enjoy.