Last week we introduced you to our "Sartorial Spring" journey with Imperial Black in the first scene of a three-part video series. Founded on the principles of  dressing and travelling well, Imperial Black offers men a piece of their personal experience with each product offering.  In an effort to continue the philosophy of "sartorial travel", we present the second scene in our series, "Sartorial Spring"Cortina. Learn more about Cortina, Italy below and stay tuned next week for scene three.

Imperial Black | Cortina

Nestled in the hills of Northern Italian Dolomites, Cortina is a world-renowned ski resort and luxe leisure destination.  Due to its short summer and long winter Cortina is known for its bitter cold temperatures--the coldest in Italy.  Skiing isn't the only attraction in town.   La Cooperativa di Cortina, the shopping epicenter of Cortina scene is not just relegated to high-end boutiques like Geox, Gucci, Bulgari, and Bennetton but various artisans shine including confectioners, newspaper vendors, toy makers and blacksmiths. Divided into three levels, the La Cooperativa di Cortina was one of the first founded in the Italian Peninsula, and employs approximately 200 people.

Cortina's surroundings have been the backdrop for several cinematic features, including mountain climbing scenes for Cliffhanger, Krull and The Pink Panther and made an appearance in the James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only. Being a ski town, Cortina has seen its share of Winter Olympics heights and depths.  The town was supposed to host the 1944 Winter Olympics but it got canceled due to WWII.  Cortina went on to host the 1956 Winter Olympics. It failed on bids to host the Winter Olympics again in 1988 and 1992. It most recently hosted the Red Bull Road Rage in 2009.   However, this pales in comparison to the great spectacle of the Olympics.

Cortina has more than one claim to fame.  It was also the namesake of a car produced by Ford of Britain.   These cars by no means were the epitome of beauty, but by the third edition it became the best-selling car in the UK during the 70's.   Whether skiing or driving, Cortina is a destination for the refined traveler.  You might as well look good in the Cortina shirt while gallivanting around the slopes.

Creative Director, Model, Stylist ~ Grant Harris, Image Granted | Clothing Partner ~Imperial Black

Director of Photography~ Rachel Couch, A Muse Photography