If you're at all familiar with the film industry you know that movies, videos, and other visual media take time to shoot, edit, and ultimately release.  Movies that won't hit the box office for another 2 years are being shot today.  This is something we weren't so familiar with in the past but we have come accustomed to recently with the amount of videos we've been shooting.  Our most recent project actually wasn't recent at all.  We shot this video during the summer last year and its hitting the streets today and we're happy to bring it to you full force.

Best Man is a new online resource for men (or men who are actually boys) who are looking for another way to get the information they need to be better men.  Best Man features video content provided by mavens, or lifestyle experts, on several categories including food, music, travel, fitness, and of course, style.  We were honored to be asked to be a maven for Best Man and share our knowledge with  a new set of viewers.  Every week Bet Man brings it audience a new video with a new maven filled with timely and useful information.  This week its our turn.

We answer a few questions from our concerned public on which type of shirt collars are appropriate,  what to wear under a dress shirt, what colors are best, and others.  This is the first of many interviews as subsequent topics will include trousers, suits, ties, and other aspects of a man's wardrobe.  In the coming weeks we'll be shooting more interviews and bring them to you in full affect.  In the meantime, take a look and have a listen, then check your shirt.  you may need a new one.

PS - We happen to mention a couple brands in this video.  We were not paid and/or otherwise compensated for this.  We happen to own the products created by the brands mentioned ourselves and are happy to promote them because of the quality of their offerings.