Ahead of Father's Day Baume & Mercier recently launched their Spring marketing campaign "Celebrate Dad" #celebratedad. The story is told from a son's point of view paying homage to his father during a celebration dinner. The son reminisces on his time with his father as a child and how much he's learned and how much time his father took teaching him although its taken him until adulthood relax it.

In their second video following their Christmas campaign, Baume & Mercier again focuses on their core beliefs of family, gifting, and treasuring moments with those you love while the product they provide plays  subtle background role.

Baume & Mercier is currently busy preparing the launch of their women's collection later this summer. We will have an update from the CEO Mr. Alain Zimmermann coming soon. In the meantime enjoy your moments with your father while you can. From us and Baume & Mercier. For more details on Baume & Mercier read our collection of features.