Much has been said about classic Neapolitan style.  The effortless style with which the Neapolitans dress is synonymous with class and ease. We recently came across Artu Napoli. Artu holds true to its Italian roots with a tailored yet refined, relaxed and casual feel. Artu takes the time to explain why their style is worth the notoriety.

ENGLISH SHOULDER AND SIDE SEAMS-  Do not be fooled by the name, it is an Italian technique.  Instead of an industrial production by a machine with two needles,  the side seams and the hidden soft and strong seams in the armhole, are constructed in two phases with two separate needles. This lengthens the durability of the garment after washing and ironing.

HIDDEN SET-IN SLEEVE - To prevent the shirt from going up while moving your arms, the armhole should be relatively small and high. The only right way to reach this is to slide the whole sleeve in the shoulder and attach it from the inside. It has been intentionally chosen to stitch the shoulder and the armhole with thick and shiny yarn.

BACK- The back does not have visible stitching seams and the fabric has been cut in your pattern in such a way, to guarantee the highest possible comfort.

ATTACHMENT OF THE COLLAR AND THE CUFFS- With ready-to-wear garments, even the valuable shirts of high profile brands, the collar and cuffs are set in with a single stitching seam. Artu Napoli uses two separate stitching seams for a supple and neat presentation. For every shirt, the inner lining of the collar and the cuffs is specially and separately made; meaning that a particular type of lining is chosen that fits best with a certain shirt, whether it is a soft button-down, a non-starched collar or a starched ‘spread’ collar for a smart business shirt.

PEARL BUTTONS - All Artu Napoli shirts are made with buttons of the thickest part of the white Australian nacreous shell. With a thickness of almost 4 mm, the button is cut hollow on top and round at the bottom. This makes sure that the buttons can be opened and closed better and that the fabric does not crush. Furthermore, the button is attached with a cock's foot: a traditionally made technique that makes sure the button can never fall off.

STITCHING SEAMS WITH 9 STITCHES PER CM - Artu Napoli makes 9 stitches on every centimetre. You should check this on the shirt you are wearing at the moment; the higher the amount of stitches per cm, the more powerful and beautiful the seam. Only the finest two ply fabric can be used due to the high amount of stitches.

LOOSE WHALE BONES - All Artu Napoli shirts are delivered with two small pockets in the collar in which the whale bones are hidden to keep the shape of the collar neat. The removable whale bones are made of a material that can handle the heat of washing, drying and ironing.

CENTERING THE FABRIC PATTERN -Tailored shirts of the highest quality can be recognized by the pattern going along the side seams, the possible chest pockets and on the collar and cuffs. The strengthening along the split at the bottom of the sleeve is cut in such a way that the pattern continues.

INSIDE OF COLLAR AND CUFFS - To prevent shrinkage, proper inside work for the collar and cuffs has to be done to maintain the shape and effect of the shirt. Artu Napoli only uses environmental friendly material.

FARFALLA OR BUTTERFLY - This is a small triangular piece of cloth sewn at the bottom of the side seam of the shirt to strengthen the suture between the front and the back. With a slim fit and a fuller collar a shirt has been created that is constantly being polished for perfection.