Our friends at A&H Magazine recently featured bespoke tailor Alexander Nash.  Today we want to share a bit more about his work.  Mr. Nash is a 48-year-old Miami transplant who has taken his affinity for brash colors and patterns mixed with his penchant for striped socks and big plaids and put them on display in his personal showroom in NYC.  Mr. Nash takes a philosophical approach to dressing himself and his clients.  He preaches that men should take a counter-intuitive approach to dressing for themselves and for others .  Instead of attempting to be the brightest alpha male peacock on the block to attract the nearest mate, Mr. Nash suggests improving your grooming to attract the right mate.

The Alexander Nash style seems to be a mix of high and low contrasts.  The high of softly tailored silhouettes in single button jackets juxtaposed with the low of accented button and lapel holes, contrast stitching, glen plaid lined double-breasted vests, and floral print sport coats.  We have yet to try Mr. Nash's product but it seems that it matches its maker in tone, texture and personality.  Over the last few weeks Alexander has shot several videos in which he explains some of his personal style choices and how a man can get maximum versatility out of a navy suit while still projecting class and creativity.

You may not like some of the things Mr. Nash says or the way he says them, but we believe his approach is genuine and honest for the man who has a firm grasp on reality and who he is.  We recommend you check out Alexander Nash and decide for yourself.  In the meantime, you can hear some of Mr. Nash's thoughts on style and life below.  We're fond of the clown story.  Take it as a warning or as encouragement.

Alexander Nash

112 west 27th street suite 500

new york, ny 10001