I recently attended the True Prep book signing event in Georgetown, DC at Vineyard Vines.  Now those of you who have been following Image Granted for awhile know that my style could never be confused with preppy.  Although I can look quite bookish, I like to describe my style as sophisticated, polished and modern with a flair.  More of a mix between 007 and Pharell than Thurston Howell and Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  This is not to say that a preppy gentlemen isn't sophisticated, but it would be rare to find me in Nantucket Reds, a madras sport coat and a seersucker bow tie.  So why did I attend this event you ask?  As a man of style I feel its my duty to stay on top of my craft and familiarize myself with all styles and fashions whether or not I choose to wear them myself.  I've written about the new edition of the preppy bibleand there is always more to learn about what I don't know in order to provide the best advice for my readers and clients.  Also, its not often that one gets to meet the author of a well-received published book, so I took my chance.  Here are some shots of the event.

Author of True Prep Lisa Birnbach
Lisa working the crowd

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