We normally don't make it a point to dissect the opinions of other style bloggers.  We'd much rather provide our own rhyme and reason for what we believe in or not.  However, we recently came across a comment that made us raise our eyebrows a bit and felt the need to address the topic--the non-iron dress shirt topic.  This type of shirt is made for the man who either doesn't have the time or the knowledge to properly iron and press his shirt.  Or maybe he just travels for work and needs something quick and easy.  High quality non-iron shirts are made of cotton and are made to resist the "worn in" look.  This is accomplished through a process called nanotechnology and its been available since the early 1990's. Wrinkle-resistant finishes are obtained by using chemical agents that act as catalysts in a chemical chain.  These chemical chains provide elastic resiliency properties that help clothes to avoid forming wrinkles. Garments with this finish are identified by "Wrinkle-Resistant" and "Non-Iron". Apparently this gentlman has not had a great experience with non-iron shirts.  We beg to differ.  In our experience non-iron dress shirts certainly come in handy for those days one doesn't feel like ironing or for use during traveling.  We've found that the Brooks Brothers non-iron dress shirt holds up well over hours of wear without the slightest hint of wrinkles.

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