One of our loyal readers recently asked us about writing pens.  He expressed his disgust with men who may dress well but then walk around with Bic pens in their pockets.  Now this may be a small detail but as we've said before details make the man. There will always be an occasion for a man to have a great pen.  A hand written note is something every man should have in his repertoire and a great pen just enhances the effect.  Funerals, birthdays, weddings, all the important stuff involving gratitude and regret.  Nothing gives those words more power and meaning than conferring them with a beautiful pen, more specifically a fountain pen and not the gel pen you shove in your chest pocket.  Even your chicken scratch will look better with a fountain pen.  The reader will notice your words are more sturdy and took more time and thought to create than anything you can do with a ballpoint.

Try a Montblanc and set yourself apart from the other guy who dashes off an email on his BlackBerry. (Or worse yet, writing a letter online) These pens are synonymous with style and class.  They will set you back a few pounds in the wallet, but like anything made of timeless quality and class its worth the price.  After all, your accessories require just as much attention as your closet.  Carry a good pen.

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