From our inbox: I've been an avid Twitter follower for quite some time now, and have always loved your content. I’m a successful, young professional, and would consider myself, if not “Fashionable”, at least fashion-aware.
I also recently became engaged, to be married next summer. And I can say, from a man with fashion sense, it has been an absolute debacle. Obviously, the entire industry revolves around the bride, I accept that, but it’s almost like they go out of the way to discourage groom participation.
Apart from not understanding ANYTHING about my requests or desires for my own tux, nor my groomsmen’s (“What do you mean by a shawl lapel sir?”). It took me several weeks to find out how to actually have the tuxes sent to a local store (at my expense) to actually SEE them before I just make an errant finger point in a magazine and hope they look good when they show up. They would never make a bride select her dress out of a magazine, nor her bridesmaids, but they sure expect the groom to sit down, shut up, and like it. Hows that for equal rights?
Anyway, I just thought you guys could take this situation and turn it into a great blog post. Basically on how men don’t take pride in their own damn wedding. Or wherever you end up with it.
We use this video to make a point.  As the narrator and our faithful reader makes clear; weddings are all about the bride.  While everyone will be staring at her, she'll be staring at you and you should have enough pride and respect for your new bride to put as much effort into your wedding day attire as she does.  We in no way endorse renting a tuxedo for your wedding as the video suggests.  However, we do emphatically believe that of all the days in your life to NOT look like a slob, your wedding day is it.
If going off-the-rack begin looking for your tux a month in advance of the wedding.  This way you'll have ample time to shop different designers, boutiques, styles, colors etc.  This will also allow time for tailoring and adjustments.  If going custom start at least three months out.  This will give enough time for at least two fittings and any necessary adjustments.  These time tables also work for your best man and groomsmen.  The key is to not feel rushed during the process. Start early enough to make sure you are completely comfortable with your look therefore you can put all your attention into your special lady where it belongs.

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