We haven't had much time--or money--to go shopping lately, but today we treated ourselves to a few warm weather additions to our closet.  For the betterment of our readers we'll refrain from mentioning name brands and instead we'll focus on the pieces themselves.Our closet is full of cold weather scarves from camel hair, to lambs wool, to sumptuous cashmere.  We're set to protect ourselves from the cold, but we didn't--until recently--have any warm weather scarves.  Why the hell would you need a warm weather scarf you ask?  For some of the same reasons you need one in the cold.  To protect yourself from the elements.  Sun, wind, a chilly airplane, or just to cover the hickey--but not this Hickey--on your neck from last night.  Warm weather scarves have become a topic of debate.  Do men really need them or are they more fashion than function?  We think they have a place in every man's wardrobe.  We picked up three to even out our collection.  Choose something in chambray, cotton, linen, or a mix of both. Stay away from the sober grays and blacks and go with bright plaids, pastel solids, or nautical stripes. Silk is also a good option.  Look for polka dots, or paisley.The key to wearing warm weather scarves is keeping them fun and casual.  Wear them wrapped and/or looped loosely without much fuss.  Save the cottons and linens for jeans and weekends.  Bring out the silk for entertaining, nights on the town, and formal events.  Wear a warm weather scarf.

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