In our third and final segment of the Million Dollar Man Series we present the most common shopping choices of the affluent American man.  Where does he shop?  Will you find him at brand name stores, or the exclusive high end boutiques?  Does it make a difference where men shop?  It does if you want to be included in the elite group that can call themselves millionaires.  As we have shown in our previous segments, the real millionaire is a bargain shopper and prefers quality over price, brand, or status.  While some of the stores on the list have been mentioned in this series previously, there are some other options that most people would not think to find a millionaire patronizing.  If you find your shopping habits burning a hole in your wallet, maybe you should start looking at some of these stores.  According to the research conducted by Thomas Stanley, Ph. D. in "Stop Acting Rich and Start Living like a Real Millionaire" millionaire men prefer the following suiting options in descending order: 1. Nordstrom (38.6%) 2. Macy's (27.3%) 3. Kohl's (21.7%) 4. Target (21.6%) 5. Costco (21.3%) 6. Dillard's (20.9%) 7. Brooks Brother's (19.3%) 8. Gap (15.9%) 9. Wal-Mart (15.5%) 10. T.J. Maxx (14.7%)

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