In the first of a three part series we will examine the image, style, and fashion choices of the affluent American man -- the millionaire to be exact.  Not the pseudo millionaire on TV with 15 cars and 5 houses, but the established millionaire, who most likely saved, invested, parlayed and created his own wealth in order to become financially independent.  What is his style?  What are his fashion choices?  Which brands does he prefer and where does he shop?  Today we examine his footwear.  We have listed the top five shoe brands (in descending order) worn by male millionaires (net worth at least $1 million).  In no way am I endorsing these brands versus others.  Instead, I am simply stating the facts based on years of research by Dr. Thomas Stanley, Ph. D. in his book "Stop Acting Rich...And Start living Like a Real Millionaire".  You may be surprised by the results. 1. Allen Edmonds (12.2 %)  Popular with senior executives of public corporations.  Survey respondents believe the shoe is worth the price and will never go out of style.

2. Cole Haan (11.8%)  Popular with self-employed business owners and sales/marketing professionals.  Comfort, quality materials, and timeless styling were reasons for buying among survey respondents.

Cole Haan

3. Johnston & Murphy(11.2%) A close second to Cole Haan in the business owner millionaire group and is the model for conservative styling among affluent men.

Johnson & Murphy
4. Florsheim (10.8%) The top choice for midlevel managers, engineers, architects, and professors.  The top
choice of millionaires with annual incomes less than $100,000.

5. Rockport (7.5%)  Provides a comfortable and moderately priced option known for support and longevity.  Popular among physicians, doctors, and dentists.


Stay tuned for Part II of the Million Dollar Man Series to find out which suits millionaires wear and why.

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