Lately we've been fielding questions about the appropriateness of wearing short sleeved shirts.  This apparently has become a mini-crises in the minds of men since the weather has turned warmer and lots of folks have weighed in on the topic.  You all know that we don't not follow trends but this is obviously something men are concerned about and it should be addressed.The short sleeve shirt has its place in a man's wardrobe.  It is a variation of its long sleeve brother who is the gold standard we are familiar with.  However, its usability is vastly different.  Short sleeve shirts are meant for warm weather and climates, whereas long sleeve shirts are all-weather and can be worn year round.  The majority of short sleeve shirts are designed for sport and play while the majority of long sleeve shirts are designed for work.  Depending on your job, environment, climate, etc. a short sleeve shirt may be just the thing you need.  If you live in Bermuda, work at McDonald's, or don't have a title that needs to be shortened into a three letter acronym (CEO), then short sleeve shirts are just fine.  If you're attending a BBQ, hanging out at the beach, or running errands on the weekend, by all means wear a short sleeve shirt and go about your merry way.

However, if you find your yourself behind a desk at work; your job title includes manager, supervisor, lead, CEO; or if you find yourself at restaurants with white table cloths, then you'll just look like a putz in short sleeve shirt.  We have yet to see a stylish man over history sporting a short sleeve shirt in a professional environment without criticism or critique.  The garment is inherently casual and sporty and should stay that way.

Matt Singer Short Sleeve Popover

If you've decided to take the plunge and drop a few stones on a couple good short sleeve shirts you best know how and when to wear them. If the bottom of the shirt is curved it usually should be tucked in, but due to the relaxed nature of the shirt this is left up to the wearer.  Flat bottomed shirts are designed to be untucked.  If you leave it untucked it should not cover your bottom like a long sleeve shirt.  Similar to polo shirts the sleeves should hit mid bicep and while they should show off your arms they shouldn't be tight.  The collar can be regular turn down or button down.  Most short sleeve shirts will come without collar stays which lends itself to the casual wearer even further and they can have a pocket or no pocket with  a short placket or long.  Throw one on in gingham, plaid, or solid in cotton, chambray or linen with your chino shorts, boat shoes, straw fedora and aviator sunglasses and you're good to go.

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