While watching the NFL Today pregame show this weekend we noticed the former pro football players turned current announcers and hosts.  We feel like most of the men dress very well. They obviously have the money, time, and put in the effort to dress apprpriately for their abnormal body structures. On the other had there is one announcer who regularly stands out from the rest.  Shannon Sharpe, former NFL great--and by the looks of things potential body builder--takes things to another level.  Here we evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly of Mr. Sharpe's game day attire.


A single breasted, two button, notch lapel, burgundy velvet sport coat with ticket pocket.  French cuff white shirt, jeans, and pocket square.  This look is great for Mr. Sharpe. With an over exaggerated upper body the low stance of the two button jacket creates a long gorge and exposes his chest creating a slimmer line and softening his shoulders.  The solid burgundy color is a good choice since it de-emphasizes his upper body and is soft on the eye.  The plain white shirt creates a slimming effect and helps the viewer's eye travel vertically decreasing his width.  Here Mr. Sharpe looks well put together and less of an ex-football player who is still addicted to the gym.


Pictured here with current NFL linebacker Ray Lewis, Mr. Sharpe takes a step backward with this outfit.  Another single breasted, two button, notch lapel sport coat.  This time in a Glen Plaid pattern with ticket pocket.  Another french cuff shirt, but this time in lime green with contrasting collar and cuffs and jeans.

Here the two button stance is much higher and creates an odd look for the viewer.  The higher stance widens his already broad chest and shoulders.  The Glen Plaid pattern also widens his frame and creates a bit of confusion for the viewer.  Plaid is best used for slender men trying to create a larger frame and should be avoided by men who already have a wide build.
The contrasting collar and cuffs breaks up Mr. Sharpe's body and the eye moves from one point to another sporadically instead of in one smooth movement up to his face where the attention should be.  While the lime green is a solid color and solids are best for Mr. Sharpe, it does little to overcome the negatives of the rest of the ensemble.

Mr. Sharpe does himself a disservice in this ensemble.  A single breasted, pinstripe, notch lapel suit with solid white shirt and patterned tie with pocket square.  Judging from the length of the gorge this appears to be a four button jacket which no man should ever wear.  It also appears to be a hidden placket front.   This short gorge only exaggerates his shoulders making his head look small and disproportionate to the rest of his body.

The full Windsor tie knot adds width which he should to avoid.  This knot is overused by many athletes and the sheer size of the knot makes it one that should only be used occasionally.  Also the tie is missing the standard dimple beneath the tie knot.  All properly knotted ties should have a dimple beneath the knot.  Mr. Sharpe should avoid this look at all costs in the future.

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