In part I of our series with The Gentlemen's Corner we spoke with Joris in depth about his business and the progress of his online accessories shop for men.  In part II we review some pieces of the collection Joris was nice enough  to send us.  While the pieces themselves--ties, socks, pocket squares are nothing new to us, its the quality, craftsmanship, and presentation we look for.  Fortunately all of these aspects were properly achieved.  A silk knit tie and two linen pocket squares from Breuer, a velvet bow tie from The Cordial Churchman, and socks from the house brand made a nice collection.  We're familiar with The Cordial Churchman and own one of their ties.  We've heard of Breuer but haven't had the chance to see their products in person, so this was a first for us.Breuer is a family-owned Austrian brand started in 1892 by Marcus Breuer.  He started out making sailorknot ties and over the course of 100 plus years started with the tie and  in the 20th century expanded into all forms of menswear apparel.   However, Breuer ties are the company's hallmark creation.  The original Breuer boutiques could be found in Belgium, but  eventually moved to Nice and the French Riviera and weaving mills were opened in Lyon.  Today Breuer boutiques can be found in Paris, Madrid and New York.We are thoroughly impressed with the selection and quality of the items we received an the others at the Gentlemen's Corner.  Enjoy!

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