The Japanese have a long and storied history, culture and religion.  They also have one of the most interesting gentleman's clubs around. The Japan Gentleman's Lounge is an association dedicated to returning the Japanese man to his cultural and religious roots.  The lounge really isn't a lounge, its actually an editorial which accomplishes it's goal through enlightenment based in several categories including dining, housing, travel, entertainment, education, the seasons, and of course attire.The lounge is edited by four of Japan's most stylish businessmen and cultural pioneers.  Most famous of which is Yukio Akamine the Japanese icon who is also the director of the international consulting company Incontro and the face of the Akamine Royal Line which manufactures high end fabrics and suiting.  The style of the editors is classic Japanese--dark solid suits with subtle patterns, white shirts, and silk woven, grenadine or knit ties.  The blog is written in Japanese and while the editor gives this interview in Japanese we get the idea this is serious business for him and his team.

Yukio Akamine

George Oda

Katsushi Tochi 

Motoyoshi Hirata