Sunday night saw a host of Hollywood's leading men strutting their stuff on the red carpet. Some were spot on while a few were a little off.  We'll spare you the annual roundup of "best dressed" men and leave those lists to the big boys.  What we'd like to discuss are the details.  While many of the presenters and winners looked spectacular on stage we noticed most if not all of them were wearing their jackets with empty breast pockets.  That is to say no pocket squares.  We've noticed this more this year especially with the actor's at the awards shows.  We have no idea what or who is causing this phenomenon but we couldn't be more disappointed.  Here's why--
Oscar Winner Colin Firth

Dressing in black tie and formalwear is much more straight forward for men than it is for women.  We men have less room for error and infinitely less means of expression in accessories.  All the more reason to use every piece of utility available to us.  This includes filling your breast pocket with a piece of white linen or silk.  Outside of black tie there are many more options to choose from but somehow we've only seen this regulated to black tie.

Maybe the men of today are going for the minimalist look and therefore the pocket square is the first thing to go.  But this actually does a man a disservice.  The pocket square not only adds flair but creates another visual point for the viewer's eye and breaks up the monotony of the all black--or ivory or midnight blue--a man is wearing.  On a fundamental level it just looks incomplete like you forgot something.  What's the point of having a pocket on your chest and not using it.  We've written about pockets before and why they should not be used or filled, but filling the breast pocket does not break up the line of the jacket or the trousers as does set of keys or a wallet.  It is our duty to help men take advantage of every tool available to improve his overall look and we believe a pocket square is one of those tools.  It was no surprise that the best actor recipient was wearing a pocket square.  Use it.

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