STREET ETIQUETTE from TONE on Vimeo.We don't have to say much about the two gentlemen in the video.  You probably already know who they are.  If you don't here's an introduction.  Instead of applaud the acclaim that the founders and bloggers of Street Etiquette have received, we'd rather praise the African-American male taking a leadership role in fashion, style, art, and creativity.We applaud Street Etiquette not for their well-deserved accolades, but for being young black men in America doing something positive instead of being involved in all other types of mischief that befall young brothers today.  We had the pleasure of meeting Travis and Josh some time ago in NYC.  The brand was respected even then but they have only grown in character and scope since.  As a fellow African-American blogger it is a testament to our heritage, roots, and predecessors that these young men and many others like them have been so successful early in life.  We hope that the duo continues not for the articles, videos, awards, and rewards.  All that is great, but we hope for a continued impact on the style world outside of the flashing lights and rolling cameras.  Thank you SE and God bless.

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