The perils of dry cleaning have been discussed on several ocassions, but the majortiy of discussions focus on the negative results of dry cleaning versus what to do before dry cleaning and things that can be done to prevent going at all.  We thought we'd give you a few pointers on how to save your clothes from disaster before it strikes.  Implement some of these tactics into your cleaning routine and you'll never succumb to the dry cleaner again.

- Apply cologne, lotions, oils, creams and gels before getting dressed.  All of these products can stain fabrics and will create more work and harsher washing for the dry cleaner.

- Eliminate oders at home by using heat-activated dryer sheets with oder neutralizers and/or fresheners.  Your sweaters will come out smelling like new.

- Spot cleaning small stains immediately with fabric safe products like OxiClean can save an emergency trip to the cleaner.

- Ask for discounts on large loads and look in your local newspaper or online for coupons.
- Visit the dry cleaner in moderation.  Over cleaning can decrease the longevity and quality of your clothing.  wool sweaters can be worn up to 6 times without cleaning and your suits should only be dry cleaned once a season.

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