Longshot Apparel—taking the big out of big and tall. Longshot Apparel is focused on the successful, tall and fit male consumer. The Longshot Apparel mission is to create high-end Tailored Taller product while offering a painless and positive shopping experience for tall men. Today, 1 in 4 men have clothing needs that are underserved due to their height and slender build. Longshot Apparel aims to remedy this forgotten niche with well-designed shirts specifically designed for the tall fit man.While the “big-and-tall” market continues to grow and expand, the sizing and styling in that category is generally too big, too moderate and too cheaply made for tall slender consumers who have a modicum of style. As his shorter brethren choose from a plethora of high end, ready-to-wear luxury brands such as Façonnable, Thomas Pink and Hamilton Shirts, the tall, fit consumer is left to compromise on a small handful of ready-to-wear brands that make apparel in his size.

Fit takes precedence over design and the consumer is forced to lower his style and quality expectations. One Longshot focus group participant said it best: “Why should a guy who can afford a Rolex watch be forced to wear a cheap, oversized shirt because he’s too tall?”  Longshot's vision is to develop, a line of ready-to wear stylish, great-fitting clothing for tall men, selling exclusively direct to the consumer via ecommerce.

Longshot offers a proprietary Tailored Taller fit and a new way for tall men to find well-styled, high-quality clothing through a simple, no hassle online store. Ready-to-wear products are available to ship immediately. Always free shipping, returns and a personal level of sincere customer service. Thier woven shirts are made in America as a commitment to better quality and responsible sourcing. Longshot desires to be a source of pride for tall guys to Stand Tall and celebrate this distinguishing trait.

The Longshot customer is a tall (6’0 to 6’10”), fit, grown up man who has achieved something; he wants his apparel to reflect that. His style? Understated, modern, clean and casual. Motivations: quality and being current. Prefers to buy off the rack if he can.

Lawson Black
Lawson Blue
Lawson White
Leadon Navy
Leadon Purple


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