Hand or handle -  Adjective.  The touch or feel of a fabric.  An experienced dresser can determine the quality and character of a fabric by handling, stroking, stretching, and/or squeezing it.  Most commonly associated with the feel of a tie but extends to any and all high quality garments.  Whether its a tie, shirt, pair of trousers, or sport coat etc., it can be difficult to tell the total composition of a garment from afar without actually touching it.It's very important for a man to be hands on with his clothing before he buys or has anything hand made.  Fabric doesn't have a smell, doesn't make a sound--unless its corduroy--and doesn't have a taste.  This leaves the two senses of sight and touch.  Fine fabrics like silk, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, moleskin, and many others begged to be caressed.  Much like a woman's skin the right fabric against your body or around your neck or draped across your back can give a man goosebumps.

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