There are some useful and simple tools that every man should have in his arsenal to improve his overall image--a comb or brush, a lint roller, or an iron to press a shirt.  But if you've ever been plagued by static cling, there is a simple tool for that too.  Static Guard.  Yes, static cling the electrostatic phenomenon that causes your trousers to stick to your leg and your sweaters to shock you while pulling them off and on, can be avoided by using a can of Static Guard.  Spraying a bit of Static Guard on sweaters, shirts, pants, and any other clothing will prevent this uncomfortable clinging.  Other options that may work depending on your grooming habits include applying lotion to the parts of your body that are exposed to the static.  However, this does nothing for the sweaters you will be wearing over your dress shirt.  Another option is to run a wire hanger up and down the garment which will work for a short time, but I've found it does not have lasting effects.  Besides, what guy in his right mind uses wire hangers anyway?  The best and most economical way to prevent static cling the entire day is to get sprayed down in a can of Static Guard.  A simple fashion fix.

Static Guard Spray

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