GQ has recently been drooling over the J. Crew Chambray Utility Shirt and I thought it appropriate to give a review on this garment since I happen to own it. As you all know, I've grown to become a J. Crew fan, and this shirt is one of the reasons why.  It's a classic, lightweight, and functional piece.  At first I was hesitant about the Marlboro Man look, but quickly got over myself and realized the quality and depth of the fabric and the instant "grown man" effect.  This shirt comes in a tailored fit close to the chest and shoulders.  The tail is on the shorter side and the collar is even shorter.  The material wears lightly and looks best slightly wrinkled.  I find it difficult to wear a tie since the collar is so short it leaves visible material around my neck.  This becomes even more difficult with a thick wool knit tie combination which is a great look for colder months.  I recommend going tie less and layering it with a vest or lightweight Harrington jacket come Spring.  Check out the GQ review here.

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