Recently we took our sartorial journey to the windy city of Chicago and spoke with the owner and proprietor of Sebastien Grey (SG) a high end custom clothier with several locations throughout Chicago.  SG offers its clientele  a full bespoke experience from cutting a single pattern to offering the highest quality fabrics, and Bemberg linings.  Everything from shirts to waistcoats, to tuxedos and suits.  Suiting takes at least 4 weeks depending on fabric detail and quantity. Entry level suits start at $799 and the highest offerings come in at $2499 and above although the average is between $1000-$1500.  They offer fabrics at $20 a yard and others at $500 a yard.  Depending on your needs and how deep your pockets are they can accommodate you.  100% cotton shirting begins at $119 and goes up to $250.  Trousers and waistcoats come in at $150, sportcoats at $499, outerwear begins at $799, and tuxedos come in at $899.
All SG product is made her in the USA with manufacturing plants in New York and Chicago handmade by local tailors.  The owners actually started out in the salon and barbershop game and decided to add clothing to their operation.  HALO [for men] is the namesake of their barbershop and they own and operate several across Chicago but only three offer SB bespoke services.  They offer an English cut with high armholes, a nipped waist with tapered trousers.  In the near future looking to expand their 3 Chicago locations to Ann Arbor, Michigan and NYC.  They will have a showroom open in New York by Aug 15.  San Diego, and LA are also on the map with DC not too far in the future.  Check them out the next time you're in the windy city.

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