JR asks -

 What are your thoughts on short sleeved button ups in the summer? If you know defense contracting you know that a ton of old men wear them with ties. I find this abominable. I do think a short-sleeved button up is okay in a more casual setting (say on a Friday) but no tie.

The short answer -

We agree.  Short sleeve shirts at and/or in the office are an abomination unless your office is on the beach or you happen to work in a creative field such as advertising, or fashion--which you don't.  Other than that avoid at all costs and don't look like this guy with the pocket protector.

The longer short answer -

Casual short sleeve shirts worn in summer on weekends, to baseball games, BBQs, pool parties etc are more than acceptable. Hawaiian shirtsGuayaberas, and pop overs are all game. Just know when and where to wear them (not in the office) and keep them packed away until the temps hit "Africa".

George Clooney, The Descendants

George Clooney, The Descendants