Anonymous -

I come to you asking some style advice. I received a seersucker sports coat as a birthday gift a few months ago. When I received it the weather was still a little cool for seersucker, but now the days have warmed up quite a bit on the gulf coast and I feel it’s time to break it out.

My problem is, I am not quite sure what I should be wearing it with it in regards to pants and shirts. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Soon to be college graduate!

IG - Seersucker is a major part of  the quintessential getup for southern gents once the weather turns from warm to unbearably hot.  However, one must not be south of the Mason Dixon line to don the outfit.  Seersucker was first discovered and used by the British in India as a silk fabric.  The word Seersucker is derived from the Pakistani translation of sirsakar meaning "milk and sugar", hence the milky white consistency of the traditional white and blue striped pattern.

Many men are apprehensive about wearing Seersucker but they shouldn't be.  We've given some examples of how to wear the fabric with shirts, trousers and shoes if you're a beginner, have a bit of experience, or you're an experienced dandy.  Take bits and pieces from all and use them as you see fit.

Beginner -

Shirt - Solid blue or white Oxford or semi spread barrel cuff

Trousers - Solid navy, khaki, gray wool gabardine or cotton

Shoes - Solid brown leather plain toe, cap toe, wingtip

Experienced -

Shirt - Solid pink poplin, broadcloth, Oxford, spread collar barrel cuff

Trousers - Solid, striped navy, stone, cotton chinos or linen trousers

Shoes - Solid brown, white, navy suede bucks, wingtips, penny loafers, Chukka boots

Advanced -

Shirt - Solid pink, blue, white linen, poplin button up or pop over, contrast collar and/or cuff, cutaway or club collar

Trousers - Solid, striped, checked white, cream, stone, navy, brown, gray linen, cotton dress trousers, chinos

Shoes - Spectators, suede double monk straps, tassel loafers, Chelsea boots, Jodhpurs, espadrilles, Sloops