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There are names in the canon of “style icons” that menswear aficionados laud over.  The usual suspects like McQueen,Clooney,Davis,  NewmanPrince Charles, and others.  Today we’d like to add a name to that list; Mr. Victor Borge, pianist entertainer, playwright, producer and humorist --a more authentic and engaging version of a comedian.  While the aforementioned men are standard bearers, there are others whom we feel deserve the same level of sartorial respect but are left out of popular discussion only because their careers or exploits may have been less documented.  Mr. Borge is one of these men.

"Laughter is the closest distance between two people." ~ Victor Borge

Victor Borge, born in Denmark, made a career of making people laugh while simultaneously introducing them to classic music from Mozart and others.  His slapstick humor, combined with his stage presence entertained audiences of all ages on and off Broadway. Although he spoke no English upon arriving in America, he gained not only citizenship, but also his own critically acclaimed one-man television show "Comedy in Music".

While Mr. Borge's music, comedy and stage presence were all stellar, so was his personal style and choice of dress. Rarely seen on stage not in a tuxedo or full white tie, his impeccable dress was not to be missed. On stage he favored midnight blue satin peak lapel tuxedos with hacking pockets, paired with low button stance white pique waistcoats mixed with satin bow ties.  He made appearances with the muppets  in a plaid sportcoat with contrast black grosgrain/satin lapels and bow tie. Off stage he was rarely seen in anything less than a suit and favored red cashmere scarves. His style personified his work as an entertainer on the biggest stage with the brightest lights.

Victor Borge died in 2000 at his home in Norwalk, Connecticut.

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