There are names in the canon of "style icons" that menswear aficionados laud over.  The usual suspects like McQueen, S. Clooney, G.  Davis, M. Newman, P. Prince Charles, HRH, and others.  While the aforementioned men are standard bearers, there are others whom we feel deserve the same level of sartorial respect  but are left out of popular discussion only because their careers or exploits may have been less documented.  In this instalment of our style icon series we'd like to introduce the Crane brothers, Frasier and Niles Crane.

Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce are the actors who played the brotherly duo Frasier and Niles Crane on the hit sitcom "Frasier"based in Seattle, Washington which aired from 1993-2004.  Frasier Crane was originally introduced on another popular sitcom "Cheers" based in Boston, Massachusetts.  However, when Cheers ended Frasier moved to Seattle to be with his father and came into the public eye with his own show where he reunites with his younger brother Niles.

Frasier and Niles were both psychologists who could be considered nothing less than haughty, although they may use a different description.  The brothers are rarely seen without a jacket and tie.  Niles steadfastly wore double-breasted suits while Frasier favored cardigans, sweater vests, and sport coats.  They both routinely shopped at the finest haberdasheries in Seattle and were mainstays on the culture and arts scene frequently attending black tie galas and the opera in full black tie attire.  They also took their casual dressing seriously.  Tennis sweaters were worn for squash. Dressing gowns, slippers  and the like accounted for loungewear.

Niles was fond of Jacquard braces (or suspenders depending on what side of the Atlantic you're on) worn under his 6x2 DB suits while Frasier had a penchant for suede shoes and cashmere sport jackets.  There were countless scenes of Frasier exclaiming how he had a jacket he was "dying to premier", or Niles incessantly criticizing Frasier over his "garish" belt and shoe combination.  Both men had an extensive wardrobe and the proper storage space to maintain it on a doctors salary.  Niles' home featured a bespoke dressing room in which he debated over the proper jacket and tie ensemble while Frasier had a meticulously coordinated wardrobe space himself.

The Crane brothers style went far beyond clothing.  they had an intimate love and passion for food, travel, art, music, wine and especially sherry.  Both men were part of the local wine club, held season tickets to the opera, spoke several different languages and drank sherry like it was water.  While they were in tune with their artistic sides, they had no sentiment for sporting events, beer, or ugly furniture.  While some may call the Crane Brothers stuck up, there is much we see in them as good and wholesome.  Just don't step on their suede shoes.