Nico 017

There are names in the canon of “style icons” that menswear aficionados laud over.  The usual suspects like McQueen,Clooney,Davis,  NewmanPrince Charles, and others.  Today we’d like to add a name to that list; Mr. Nicholas D. Lowry, Director of Swann Galleries and a contributing appraiseron Antiques Roadshow.  While the aforementioned men are standard bearers, there are others whom we feel deserve the same level of sartorial respect but are left out of popular discussion only because their careers or exploits may have been less documented.  Mr. Lowry is one of these men.


With a penchant for boldness in his attire, Mr. Lowry is unabashed in expressing himself on camera.  His expertise lies in vintage posters from movies, to travel and in between and his wardrobe is a close match.  Three button, single breasted, notch lapel, three piece tweeds in loud windowpanes, or country inspired tatersalls are commonplace for Mr. Lowry.   The prevalence of the notch collar vest worn by Mr. Lowry signifies a level of bespoke tailoring as this feature is not commonly found in off the rack suiting today.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lowry's preferred UK tailor, Bookster, went out of business recently and he has had to find another since.  Through the years Mr. Lowry's facial hair as come and gone while he holds true to a slicked back hairstyle which culminates behind the ears.  Recently Mr. Lowry spoke in-depth about the PBS Roadshow experience with AV Club and the odds and ends of the television business.