There are names in the canon of "style icons" that menswear aficionados laud over.  The usual suspects like McQueen, S.Clooney, G.,  Davis, M.Newman, P.Prince Charles, HRH, and others.  Today we'd like to add a name to that list.  Peacock, Captain Stephen Peacock.  While the aforementioned men are standard bearers, there are others whom we feel deserve the same level of sartorial respect  but are left out of popular discussion only because their careers or exploits may have been less documented.  Captain Peacock was one of these men.

Captain Peacock was a formal naval officer and floorwalker of the shop floor at Grace Brothers on "Are You Being Served?", The British sitcom based on the comedic goings on at a men's and women's fine clothing and accessories establishment which aired from the early 1970's to the mid 1980's and for a year in the early 1990's.

Played by the real life well-turned-out actor Mr. Frank Thornton, Captain Peacock was rarely seen out of his standard uniform consisting almost solely of three-piece charcoal, black or gray single breasted peak lapel suits and/or sport coats with odd pinstripe or solid dark trousers.  A high fastening single breasted waist coat, white french suff shirt with semi spread collar, a four-in-hand tie knot in regimental stripes with an almost permanent arch (which is to be applauded on its own), white linen or cotton pocket square and an omnipresent red carnation boutonnière in his lapel rounded out his daily attire.

He wore nothing but highly polished black cap toe or plain Oxford's and if we had ever seen his socks we're sure they would've been the over-the-calf variety.  Captain Peacock was always well-appointed for foul and cold weather.  He wore single breasted charcoal, black or dark gray topcoats presumably of substantial wool and/or wool/cashmere mixes with a bowler hat and routinely carried wood handled brolly (or umbrella for us Americans)

Captain Peacock's personality and demeanor fit his attire.  Stern, direct, straight forward, and without fuss.  He commanded respect amongst his peers on the shop floor and we think he deserves the same respect from the other "icons of style".  Are you being served?