Ste Illustrates

In recent years there has been a plethora of illustrators displaying their artistic skill highlighting the individuals who make up the collective menswear industry. Why these illustrators have chosen to focus on menswear is less important than the fact that they are using their talents to give readers a more intimate view of the men who have achieved near demi-god status through their instagram accounts, tumblrs and Solaro suitswith lapels wider than the wings of a Boeing 777. There is something nostalgic about capturing a man in his moments with pen, pencil, or brush. These men do it well.

J.C. Leyndecker ~

The scion of menswear illustrators. The illustrators fo today take their cue from his work. Leyndecker was prominent in the golden age of menswear creating pieces with angular figures with strong jaw lines, broad shoulders, and near perfect sartorial measure. Leyndecker created illustrations that made men want to dress better, by praising the effort and the result of taking pride in your appearance.


Ste Illustrates ~Ste Johnson is a UK based illustrator near Liverpool & Manchester. His use of  pencil on paper then turning those sketches into digital illustrations creates a near comic like result with an upbeat and playful tone. Although new to the illustration arena Ste has worked in the design industry for over 10 years which no doubt led to his collaboration with Susannah Hall Tailors in which his illustrations were found gracing the windows of the tailor's shop.


Cargo Collective ~

One of the ne kids on the block Cargo Collective offers a fresh take on illustration using cut outs and tracing paper. This medium allows the illustration to come alive without giving the subjects a specific face therefore giving the viewer the chance to insert himself into the figures place and image himself relaxing on a park chair, meeting a friend for an after hour tipple or receiving a favorable send off to work from his significant other.


Sunflowerman ~

Matthew Miller AKA Sunflowerman is one of today's most prominent and sought after online illustrators.  Focusing exclusively on illustration for magazines, boutiques, brands and personalities; Mr. Miller's watercolors and presentation style are whimsical yet refined.

Not only does Sunflowerman give a visual display of his subjects but he delves into heir personal stories through initiate interviews which allow the reader to get a full appreciation of the subjects personal style.

Sunflowerman Illustration is about the tangible relationship between humans and a created world.


What I Saw Today ~

Richard Haines is a celebrated illustrator and is probably the closest specimen we have of the Leyndecker fame today. With countless collaborations under his belt including but not limited to Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Sean Combs and Bill Blass, Mr. Haines has a keen and astute eye when it comes to his work.

Bordering between fashion illustration and fine art, Mr. Haines pieces can be found online as well as in galleries from coast to coast. Using quick strokes with pencil, and filling in the blanks with color, his subjects take on a life of their own.

Timothy Morgan-Owen

An accomplished artist, Mr. Timothy Morgan-Owen is renowned for his personal portraits of UK royalty including none other than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth herself and a different kind of royalty found on Savile Row in the likes of aesthete Guy Hills of Dashing Tweedsand the venerable author James Sherwood, a favorite of Mr. Owens.

After studying Fashion and Textiles at Gloucestershire College of Art and Design Mr. Morgan decided to concentrate on his first love, drawing and painting.  His training in design has allowed Mr. Owens to curate and mount a series of very successful exhibitions.