Neckwear color is something many men struggle with.  They may know what color tie they want to wear, but not sure if it will coordinate with their skin tone or worse, not display the message they are trying to convey in business or leisure.  As with most things in menswear coordinating the appropriate tie color is not an exact science. Instead, it's a combination of the two.  Science to be aware of what colors mean; and art to chose what suits your style preferences and overall personality.  We recently came across a detailed guide to tie colors, what they mean, and how to wear them to get the attention you want and repel the attention you don't.   Take heed.

Blue Conveys: trust, calm, peace, dependability But also: cold, predictable, conservative Wear it to: establish trust and credibility

Red Conveys: power, energy, strength, assertiveness But also: threatening, aggressive, stressful, danger Wear it to: be noticed and appear authoritative

Yellow Conveys: cheer, creativity, optimism, energy, friendliness But also: impulsiveness Wear it to: appear friendly and approachable

Green Conveys: confidence, reassurance, restfulness But also: envy, stubbornness Wear it to: show dependability

Orange Conveys: vibrancy, creativity But also: egocentricity, dominance Wear it to: show enthusiasm and energy

Violet Conveys: peace, spirituality, regality Wear it to: appear calm and in control

Pink Conveys: youth, happiness, thoughtfulness But also: weakness, immaturity Wear it to: show compassion and understanding

Brown Conveys: Stability, security, comfort But also: Boringness, stubbornness Wear it to: show stability and dependability

Grey Conveys: wisdom, efficiency But also: insecurity, indecision Wear it to: show confidence and efficiency