Butler Luxury has been creating high-end speciality hangers and other luxury home items for suits and trousers in California for several years.  Their products, in particular hangers, have been well reviewed by several of our menswear colleagues at Gentlemen's GazetteThe Fine Young Gentlemen, and Made by Hand.  With so many quality reviews across the blogosphere it would be futile to add another column of praise for the product.  Instead, IG had the pleasure of contributing to the Butler Luxury blog recently and we plan to do so on a regular basis in the future.  In our first post we share some quick advice on how to make more room in your closet for Butler Luxury hangers on any budget big or small. Butler Luxury has plans to offer their customers more than just fine hangers.  Other handmade products and accoutrements are in the works and we'll be sure to bring you the news when they arrive.  In the meantime, hang with happiness.

Luxury hangers are built and made to handle a man’s most precious garments whether they be cashmere, tweed, or cotton.  Hangers hold up our armour while we rest in bed and make sure they are ready for action in the morning.  While quality hangers are a luxury, they do not always provide the luxury of space. As a man’s wardrobe increases so shall his collection of hangers.  Invariably, no matter how much closet we have, we always need more to accommodate an ever-expanding collection.  This can be an annoyance to some, but undoubtedly an opportunity for most.  Whether you've forgotten the meaning of the word “budget” or if you are all too familiar with the definition; a man only has as much space as he can afford.

Owning quality hangers requires more space than their lesser counterparts, but it doesn't mean you don’t have options.  Here we discuss five ways to create more space in your wardrobe for Butler hangers on any budget.

1. Unload ~ Get rid of what you don’t need.  You don’t have to become a minimalist, but the first step to enjoying more space is creating it.  Get rid of anything in your wardrobe you haven’t worn in at least a year.  Decreasing the surplus in your wardrobe will not only unclutter your physical space, but also your mind.

2. Use More Space ~ Use every inch of space in your home (or castle) available.  That hallway closet full of brooms now becomes another closet (after it’s been cleaned).    That extra storage space in the office becomes another gallery for hanging.  Get creative and you’ll find lots of places around your home.

3. Double Up ~ Doubling up your hangers will create up to 25% more room in your closet.  That shirt collection can be reduced by a third if you hang two shirts on the same hanger.

4. Do It Again ~ Your shirt collection isn't the only thing that can go on a diet.  Your pants can do the same by hanging two pairs of trousers on the same hanger.  Some men may find this unorthodox, but no man achieved anything good in the world by being ordinary.

5. Mix & Mingle ~ Mixing up your layout can utilize space more efficiently.  Instead of hanging all your suits and coats one side of your closet, you can separate each with a trouser hanger.  Suit/jacket, trouser, suit/jacket, trouser and so on.

Butler Luxury Shirt Hanger in Deep Butterscotch

Butler Luxury Shirt Hanger in Deep Butterscotch

This post is brought you by our corporate partner Butler Luxury. Butler Luxury designs, manufactures and distributes luxury home items throughout the world for many premier clothing designers, tailors and hotels recognized as the most demanding and best in their field.