From our inbox: I just read your 5 favorites on Dappered and was very interested in knowing more about your comment on #3 about not using pockets. I try to be as minimalistic as possible too but I still feel my pockets bulging, especially since I have fairly thick thighs. I carry 5 cards: 2 IDs, Smart Trip card (yes, I'm also from DC), credit card, and insurance; cash; 3 keys; iphone; and pocket knife.I can carry these things in a bag if I'm going somewhere like a happy hour or a sport coat from autumn through spring, but if I'm going on a date or out on a Saturday night, how would you carry these few essentials?Its a good thing that you took our advice regarding pockets, but there are a few ways you can lighten your load.  First of all you should be using a card case, or a slim wallet.  The days of the fat wallet are over.  Is there a need for two IDs?  I understand if you're a government employee and require more than one for security purposes (we were there in a past life) but if not then lose the card.  Use a slim sterling silver or gold money clip for your cash and carry it alone in your other pocket.  If money clips are bit ostentatious for your liking just fold the bills and lose the weight.  Most quality made pants come with a small pocket sewn inside the right front pocket.  This is meant to hold extra keys, change, and depending on the size; your phone.  I use it to hold and conceal my Blackberry.  Speaking of keys if you must carry all three put them on one key chain.  They shouldn't cause much of a problem.Recently there has been a trend of showing people what you carry around everyday and many gents list a pocket knife as an essential.  However, I've lived in the DC area my entire life and have traveled many places around the world and I see no earthly need for an urban gentleman to carry a pocket knife.  Do you plan on whittling on your metro commute?  Do you plan on picking locks to get into your office?  Do you really ever use it?  If not, get rid of it.Last but not least you mention only wearing a sport coat from Fall to Spring.  Do you not wear a sport coat in summer or much less on a Saturday night date?  If not, you should.  Just like there are Fall jackets, there are Summer jackets.  Of course this is a whole other conversation, but wearing sport coat even in the warmer months will afford you more pockets for storage and you'll look ten times better on a date than not wearing one.  Just make sure its a lightweight version.  If your pockets are still bulging after dispersing things you don't need and using all the storage pockets available to you, then your pants are probably too tight.  Size up.  Thanks for asking.

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