I've been posting for awhile but it just came to my attention that I've never written about my favorite article of clothing. Every man has his favorite garment that he likes to wear all the time, in every color, and every material. Either because it fits him well, its comfortable, its easy to wear, or because his wife; girlfriend; or the lady next door gives him "the look" whenever he wears it. This piece of clothing may become a part of the man himself. He may find himself hunting in the shops for it, or asking for it on holidays and birthdays. His family may find him eccentric, or just down right foolish for the way he lights up whenever he comes in contact with his favorite piece of clothing. That old sweatshirt, or the best fitting pair of jeans, the worn in work boots, or the cap toe oxfords. there is always that one piece. My healthy obsession and guilty pleasure is socks. I can't get enough of socks. I've always been one to cover my feet. I've never liked to wear sandals (heaven forbid I wear socks with sandals) and as you all know I do not advocate flip flops. Therefore I'm relegated to wearing shoes and most of them call for socks (unless its summer and I'm sporting my boat shoes) I have a healthy collection of socks in various fabrics from cotton to wool to cashmere and other blends. I have every color of the rainbow and in between. Socks are my thing and I'm proud of it. I hunt for quality socks and seek out different colors, patterns, designs and fabrics and I enjoy every bit of it.

Pantherella Cashmere Socks

Some of the best socks in the world are handmade from the Italian hosiery designer Marcoliani and the English hosiery house Pantherella. I own a pair of fire engine red Pantherella's but have yet to splurge on a pair of Marcoliani's. Marcoliani is exclusively manufactured in Milan, Italy and the socks possess every aspect of superior craftsmanship including quality yarns, a perfect fit, easy washing, as well as rare and fashionable colors, patterns, and designs. The collection is manufactured in a spring-summer, fall-winter package and features the best Cashmere, Silk, Pima Cotton, Merino Wool, and Lisle fabrics. These socks are certainly made for the discerning man.

Marcoliani Milano Socks

Pantherella is the Savile Row of socks makers. The company represents the ultimate in quality and design, and is recognized worldwide as the gentleman's business sock. Each season a comprehensive collection of new designs are offered in Superfine Merino Wool or Cotton Lisle and new fashion shades are introduced in line with the seasonal trends. Pantherella prides itself on producing the finest men's socks, which are exported around the world to many top stores. Their customers appreciate quality and understand that excellence cannot be compromised.

Wear good socks.

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