An exquisite story of how shoes can make dreams come true.

"Three weeks ago, I was working in the shop in the rue Marbeuf when a young man came in and asked to try on some shoes. He didn't look like our usual customer, he looked like a tramp. But there was something in his [allure] that I liked, and I insisted on serving him myself. I knelt down and took off his shoes, and as soon as I saw his feet - which were clean - I knew I had been right to trust my instincts.

He had the most spiritual feet I have ever seen. No fat, no puffiness, nothing but skin, bone and muscle, the feet of a prince of the Renaissance. I would have given him the shoes for nothing, but he had the money ready - 15,000 francs in 100-franc notes, which he counted with great ceremony into my hand. Late that night, when I was going home on the metro, I heard the most wonderful music, and when I turned around it was him, my beautiful tramp, playing the violin in rags and his Berluti shoes, while passers-by tossed coppers into his cap. I was so moved to think of him saving up those tiny coins to buy the shoes of his dreams."

- Olga Berluti of Berluti