You may think we are talking about the ladies, but we aren't referring to the hit single by Mark Morrison.  We mean the raincoat; AKA the slicker, AKA the Mac; short for Macintosh, named after Charles Macintosh and known worldwide for over 200 years for it's wet weather protection, it was the first raincoat. We just picked up our first Mac last month and just got it out of the tailor last week.  Since it's been wet and dreary this week it came out right on time.  The Mac is the gold standard of wet weather gear.  It was the first of its kind to be used as professional wear.  Some may think that Burberry's trench coat did the same, but the trench has a military heritage while the Mac was created for the city man.

The genius of the Mac's weather protection is its vulcanized rubber exterior.  Macintosh created a formula to spread rubber over cotton thereby making it water proof.  Water proof is better than water resistant which is better than water repellent.  Know the difference and wear accordingly.
J. Crew Black Watch Mac

The Mac is recognized by its simplicity.  It's single breasted, stops short at or above the knee, has a set in sleeve with single or double cuff buttons, a reversible collar which can stand on its own with a tab for extra weather protection, no belt, and contrary to its cousin the trench, it comes sans epaulets.  Wear it anytime the clouds look ominous and turn up the collar for a bit of rakish style.  Simple and plain, yet functional and classic. Today most single-breasted raincoats made in this fashion are called Macs.  You should own one.

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